Boat shoes: giving new life to classic style

The first boat shoes were created in 1935 by an American out of Connecticut. Since then they have gone through many changes, but the overall function and wearability has remained mostly the same. Breathable boat shoes have not been a large part of the history of boat shoes. There has certainly been many improvements to materials, durability, and comfort, but … Read More

What’s the deal with flip flops?

If you have ever visited a beach or been outside during hot summer weather, you have most definitely worn a pair of flip flop sandals before. There are many reasons people wear flip flops, but how many of them are good reasons? Flip flops are lightweight, easy to put on and take off… But the reasons end there. Now start … Read More

Big things happening at Cape Dory Rigging

Hey gang, The cold winter winds here in the northeast mean that 2016 is drawing to a close, and as we look towards another journey around the sun, Cape Dory Rigging has some big news! WE’RE IN PRODUCTION! You may have seen the recent posts on our Facebook page offering a sneak peek into the production process for the latest ... Read More

Idea to Product: The Muddy Waters of Creation

A Boat Shoe Sandal, it seemed like such a simple thing at the time, something you tap into your search box and get pages upon pages of options to buy. Like every other time I had ever thought of something I needed/wanted and turned to the internet for. I never expected to be left with an empty search result page. … Read More

Introducing the Boat Shoe Sandal

boat shoes, sandals , dorys on the beach

For the past 6 years I have been working on finalizing a prototype for my idea of a hybrid boat shoe/ sandal. In those 6 years I have been back and forth on how to have them manufactured, from assembling them myself to commissioning factories in china. I finally found an incredible and professional manufacturing partner in portugal, who was … Read More

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