What’s the deal with flip flops?

If you have ever visited a beach or been outside during hot summer weather, you have most definitely worn a pair of flip flop sandals before. There are many reasons people wear flip flops, but how many of them are good reasons? Flip flops are lightweight, easy to put on and take off… But the reasons end there.

Now start considering the reasons NOT to wear flip flop sandals:

There is a better way to enjoy the warm weather and flaunt your feet freely. Our Dorys combine the best aspects of sandals and flip flops and give them the support and comfort normally reserved for shoes. Dorys sport a cork and latex footbed and EVA sole which provides enhanced arch support and makes walking a pleasurable and enjoyable experience once again. The classic style of boat shoes, combined with the comfort and breathability of sandals make Dorys a no-brainer when it comes to happy feet.

So free yourself from the dangers and pains of wearing flip flops. Get yourself a pair of Dorys today!

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