Boat shoes: giving new life to classic style

The first boat shoes were created in 1935 by an American out of Connecticut. Since then they have gone through many changes, but the overall function and wearability has remained mostly the same. Breathable boat shoes have not been a large part of the history of boat shoes. There has certainly been many improvements to materials, durability, and comfort, but nothing about how you wear them has changed. For one boat shoes can get sweaty at an alarming rate. Try being out in the sun for prolonged sessions and you’ll quickly be swimming in your boat shoes, even if you’re still on land.

Breezy Feet are Happy Feet

Sweat is essential to the homeostasis of our human physiology, but it doesn’t have to be something we let ruin our days in the sun. At Cape Dory Rigging we sought to create a new take on the classic boat shoe, which allows your feet to enjoy summer breezes. We created the boat shoe sandal, or as we like to call them Dorys, to free your feet from the cabin fever your feet feel while sweating through days worn in boat shoes. Breathable boat shoes allow your feet to cool more easily, as less material means heat can dissipate more easily.

All Toes on Deck

Dorys do away with the closed toe and heeled design of classic boat shoes and instead adopt a slip-on sandal look which allows your feet plenty of room to breath. Like driving with the top down, Dorys offer a comfortable and relaxing alternative to the confines of traditional boat shoes. However, their topless style isn’t all that makes theese breathable boat shoes. Dorys feature an inner lining which is made from a swimsuit like material that quickly dries so that sweat doesn’t stick around. As well, this lining provides an incredibly comfortable feel and stretches to hold onto your foot nice and snug.

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