Introducing the Boat Shoe Sandal

boat shoes, sandals , dorys on the beach

For the past 6 years I have been working on finalizing a prototype for my idea of a hybrid boat shoe/ sandal. In those 6 years I have been back and forth on how to have them manufactured, from assembling them myself to commissioning factories in china. I finally found an incredible and professional manufacturing partner in portugal, who was able to translate my designs, and prototypes to a commercially available product. _MG_4194

Now that we have made it through the final stages of development we can now begin creating an initial production run which we will look to make available for sale in the Spring of 2017.

over the next few months I will be telling the sotry of how this product came to be one step at a time. I hope it will inspire or encourage others to never stop trying to develop something thy too believe in. It may be the most important aspect of developing a new project. If you believe in something wholeheartedly all you need do is keep going and never stop. However, finding that belief can be difficult and it is certainly easy to lose sight of it, so long as you find it again and again you will be rewarded.